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Today, race photography plays a new role for sponsors and event directors.
Race photos have become the means of choice for sponsors to make personalized connections with athletes.  Branded, downloadable event photos take on a viral life of their own, extending the goodwill and positive engagement with the sponsor to an audience far beyond the original event participants!

Goodwill and Positive Brand Engagement
No other race amenity resonates with such a powerful personal connection between the sponsor and an athlete.  Not the T-shirt.  Not the finish banner.  Not even the race medal.  A race photo isn't just a snapshot.  It's a moment of important personal achievement frozen in time.  Athletes want to view and share their event photos, and sponsors will revel in the flood of goodwill that comes with being the event photo sponsor! 

Highly Sharable Content
Nothing lends itself to viral sharing as well as a digital image, complete with your sponsor branding.  Our high quality images have set the standard across the nation since 2005.  Through viral sharing of these powerful and personal images of your event, your sponsor branding and goodwill are experienced by a far wider audience of family and friends. 

Cost Effective
For less than the cost of a throwaway trinket, each of your athletes can receive the most valued personal memento of your event, a high-quality image download from the event.  Through our company's lean cost structure, we can offer the industry's lowest prices for sponsored event photography.  Combined with the goodwill and sharability of event photos, this translates to extraordinarily high sponsorship value per dollar spent.  Why spend sponsorship dollars on items like key chains, water bottles or pens when digital photos are more personal, more widely shared and cost less?!

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Case Study, Women's Mud Race
Capstone Photography recently provided sponsored photography services at an obstacle race with 8,600 athletes. We took 67,000 photos, capturing images of more than 99% of athletes and making them available for social media sharing. Each photo included the race branding. The result: an incredible reach of 1.8 million potential viewers and 30 million brand impressions.
                            Social Media Photography Services

With sponsored photos, you receive a steep discount over the normal retail price. Sponsorship is available on different levels ranging from a single image download for each athlete to all images of each athlete. Contact us for more information about sponsoring free race photos for your next event!

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